Rationalise duplicated information!

A multiplicity of uncoordinated databases can waste staff time, limiting your productivity and flexibility as a business.

You'll be able to relate to the following

Problem Symptoms

  • Repetitive time-consuming data entry.
  • Searching and extracting data is repetitive.
  • Reporting is a tedious effort.
  • Lacking the ‘big picture’ with fragmented or disjointed data.

What you would need


You can find a whole new level of synergy, efficiency, and productivity by integrating databases into a seamless information system that:

  • Can talk to your existing databases, or get them talking to each other, or replaces them.
  • ‘Thinks like you’ – vs standard systems that you have to fit into.
  • Is flexible and scalable to adapt with business growth and changes.
  • Only requires you to enter data once – and pull it out for multiple reporting needs.
  • Guides and ‘constrains’ staff to enter data correctly to prevent errors – idiot proof.
  • Gives visibility of your whole operation – the big picture.

If you want to achieve it

“Think efficiency … Think effectiveness … Think workflow.”

  • Gather together all your paperwork.
  • Assess what is being done and why.
  • Determine your pain points.
  • Model a solution to fit your workflow.
  • Design the screen layouts you need to make it work.
  • Write the appropriate computer code and build the solution.
  • Populate databases with data.
  • Cutover to new features.
  • Monitor changes and support users through transition.

Look at these real-world situations…

Not-for-profit social resource provider merges two organisations with a new single database;

Went ‘above and beyond’ to deliver exactly what we needed to operate effectively

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