“A unique perspective”

David Frank - Copywriter, Spectra Communications

These are the words of someone asked to gather the stories from our clients.
His brief was simple… “Get them to tell you the TRUTH about us.”
The end result was somewhat humbling!

As Dominique’s copywriter, I interviewed several of his clients to hear their stories. What an ear full!

They were all hugely grateful for the transformation Dominique brought to their operations, with things being so much easier and more productive. Some of them were functioning at a whole new level and spending their time on what they really wanted to do to further their goals. They really appreciated Dominique’s genuine interest and understanding of their operation and how to help them get ahead. The responsive service was also very reassuring when issues came up or they needed to make changes. Because he stayed with them all the way, they developed a deep trust in him and the ongoing ‘partnering’ relationship.

These are actual comments I scraped from my emails to him:

“I’ve got a lot of ‘gold’ on you from these interviews and itching to promote you in marketing content… You’re a rare gem Dominique – outstanding in what you do, with a trail of very impressed clients… and general sense that you ‘under-rate’ yourself!”

It’s been a pleasure to write material for Dominique’s business, and he’s grown to become a good business friend I trust and respect.

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