Save wasted time on report generation

To save time on creating reports, you need to identify, understand, and eliminate what is slowing you down.  When you get rid of wasted time, you give yourself freedom. Freedom to do what you want..

Time wasting activities or processes are a sure sign of wasted potential and opportunity.

If your Information ‘ferreting’ and reporting can really tie you down and keep you from managing and growing your business.

You’ll be able to relate to the following…

Problem Symptoms

Frustrated man sitting at a cluttered desk

Symptoms such as…

  • Searching and extracting data is laborious and time-consuming and can keep your staff from productive work.
  • Manual calculations leave room for errors and inconsistencies.
  • Repetitive drudgery – having to do the same thing every day, week, or month.

What you would need

To find empowerment and get effective management of your business by pulling out any information you want, at any time, you need a system that:

  • ‘Thinks like you’ – vs standard software that you have to fit into.
  • Is flexible and scalable to adapt to business growth and changes.
  • Only requires you to enter data once – and pull it out for multiple reporting needs.
  • Guides and ‘constrains’ staff to enter data correctly to prevent errors – idiot proof.
  • Has the performance and delivery capabilities you need to save time.

If you want to achieve it

“When you do something more than once, get it out of your head and automate it.”

  • Consider all the different type of information the system needs to deliver.
  • Figure out how and where it needs to be delivered.
  • Record criteria needed to deliver all this information.
  • Think present needs and anticipate future needs.
  • List the various reports, forms and outputs you want.
  • Figure out the databases to create, merge or keep stand alone.
  • Design the report layouts you need to make it work.
  • Write the appropriate computer code and build the solution.
  • Test and review to ensure you are getting the results you expect.
  • Cutover to new features.
  • Monitor changes and support users through transition.