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JD-Data Limited

Right from our origins we have sought to understand how our clients think, while honing our expertise & tools to simplify their lives to bring more freedom and opportunity.

How we got into the ‘Liberation Business’

Dominique Hawinkels, founder of JD-Data, is a self-confessed dreamer – Never content with the status quo and always looking for ways to improve things to help people and make a better world.

It’s always pained him to see inefficiency and wasted effort, especially with information systems.  He’s seen it all – stress, frustration, hassles, limitations, blockages and bottlenecks over his 25 years in the field.

“It’s all about enabling and empowering people … freeing them to do what they really want to do … I’m in the ‘liberation’ business” he says.

Like Clint Eastwood, his response is “go ahead make my day” when presented with problems. ‘Shoot down the excuses’.

The challenge excites him, however his ‘never say can’t‘ approach is tempered by pragmatic realism to avoid wasted time and money going down ‘dead-end streets’ that aren’t cost-effective.

Knowing clients’ budget, time, and skill constraints, he makes a way, when clients can’t see a way, with affordable and accessible solutions – from ‘Assisted DIY‘, ‘Done with You‘, and ‘Turn-Key‘ packages.

His approach is to think outside the square and ask clients ‘what if’ or ‘what could be’ questions in every situation to uncover hidden possibilities – to make things work and unleash new potential.  Clients feel like it’s their own idea and can own the whole ‘discovery’ process to get where they want to go.

The 'Three Pillars'


Technical know-how to find the smartest and most efficient ways to enter, organise, and present data

With our knowledge of technology and ‘can do’ experience with a multitude of client systems, we can find the most innovative, outside-the-square, and efficient ways to do things

Empathy with clients to really understand their business and make systems work ‘hand-in-glove’ for them

We take time to really listen – to gain a deep understanding of our client’s needs. We seamlessly share ideas with a ‘teamwork synergy’ and explain technicalities in everyday language – to come up with a system which ‘thinks like the client’ and works for them to achieve their goals

Responsive support with hand-holding relationship

We go the extra mile to offer approachable, flexible, and adaptable help to clients when they need it. A long-term working relationship based on trust offers ongoing support to ensure clients get the best out of their system


Clients we like to work with

Clients we like to work with;

  • Take a long term view of business with trust-based relationship – (not ‘get rich quick’ or ‘win-at-all-costs’)
  • Are open to new ideas and interaction with honest direct communication
  • Appreciate quality and value, and willing to pay for it
  • Are big-dreamers with a passion to make a difference in their world
  • Want to improve productivity, grow business, or get more leisure time
  • Have average business transactions of $1,000 or more

Our tool of choice


To allow us to focus squarely on you, your needs, and the way you do things, we use a product called Claris FileMaker™. It has the flexibility and power to achieve most needs, yet (most importantly) is forgiving enough to allow us to tailor solutions around you.

But, don’t take our word for it, read what our clients say and visit the Claris FileMaker™ website and discover it’s potential for yourself.

Check out what our clients say…

Admin effort down 80%, productivity up 33%, and suddenly at industry leading edge.

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Owner & Operator, NorthTrays

'Can do' makes life so much easier

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Parent Help

Information at our fingertips, anywhere, responsive to our ever-changing needs.

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Owner, Orthopro

Now I can manage my collection with a vision of exciting possibilities

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John McArthur

Went 'above and beyond' to deliver exactly what we wanted to operate effectively

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Office Admin, NZCGE

I interviewed several of his clients to hear their stories. What an ear-full!

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David Frank

Copywriter, Spectra Communications

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