Do You want to turn ‘Information Pain’ into Productive Gain?

If you wonder why you’re overworked, stressed and frustrated doing your business admin, you’re on to something…

Your data management headache is bleeding your profits and holding your organisation back.

Are you…

  • Doing long days, tied up with repetitive admin work?

  • Spending lots of time searching and processing information?

  • Constantly firefighting performance problems?

  • Feeling a lack of visibility and control of your business?

  • Getting confusion, mistakes, ‘re-work’ and annoyed customers!

Liberate your business and get your life back.

We work with YOU, to free YOU, so you can do the things YOU want to do, YOUR way.

Because good solutions have YOU at their centre.

Make life easier and achieve your goals with an affordable database solution that ‘thinks like you’…

Standard software packages don’t cater for your unique changing requirements, and systems ‘adapted’ from other companies can get complicated and messy.

Ever been told ‘we understand your needs’ and then get a system that just doesn’t work for you or suit your operation?

Instead of having to fit-in with technology, what about technology that fits-in with you
… that actually empowers you.

Slash admin time up to 80%
so you can take on more clients, or take a holiday!

Make smarter decisions
and get to where you want to be using accurate data at your fingertips

Lift productivity and efficiency
so you can streamline your operation and boost staff motivation

Get more support and buy-in from stakeholders
satisfy boards, funders, or donors with information in the form they want

Take your business to another level
solve problems, remove bottlenecks, and capitalise on new opportunities

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