“Went ‘above and beyond’ to deliver exactly what we needed to operate effectively”

Lara Sarich - Office Administrator, NZCGE

The New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education (NZCGE) believes that gifted children have the potential to achieve beyond normal expectations of their age, but need to be nurtured and supported to fully develop these abilities.
At the time of engaging Dominique, NZCGE’s existing database was not fit for purpose, and a merger was happening with another similar organisation which used an alternative database system.

Could he do it?

I had no previous experience with databases, but had quite clear ideas on how we needed it to work.  Dominique hadn’t done it that way before, but with his can-do attitude, he was more than able to work it out.

He listened to our needs carefully and showed good understanding.  Nothing was too much trouble.

We talked about how the data needed to be presented, and Dominique made draft screens showing all the fields.  We thought about everything very carefully at the early planning stages, so we didn’t need to modify things later.

From a tedious chore to a breeze

Previously we had to plod along tediously to get the information we needed, but now we can pull it out immediately to track and manage students.  We have more depth of information with 3 – 4 times as much data at our fingertips.

This is also great for our fundraising person who needs to provide demographic profiles to donor organisations in order to secure grants.

Total commitment

Dominique has been very conscious that we are charity with limited funds, but works hard and puts the time in to get things right. He goes above and beyond to make things work, and is always willing to sort issues out when they arise.

We are very satisfied that he has delivered everything we need for our database to empower us to work effectively.”

…Lara Sarich, Administrator, New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education (nzcge.co.nz)

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