Improve workflow and get rid of tedious paperwork

To improve workflow, you need to remove bottlenecks.  When you eliminate bottlenecks, you enhance the flow of everything, not just the work itself.

Paper-based and poorly designed digital systems can really limit your business productivity and growth.

If your information systems aren’t easy to use and don’t naturally fit your workflow, your staff will loathe them and you’ll get all sorts of problems.

You’ll be able to relate to the following…

Problem Symptoms

Frustrated man sitting at a cluttered desk

Symptoms such as…

  • Repetitive time-consuming data entry (same info put into multiple places).
  • Staff entering data incorrectly, creating errors.
  • Ad-hoc processes lacking structure.
  • Searching and extracting data is laborious.
  • Information processing for reporting is tedious and repetitive.

What you would need

To find new efficiencies and take your business to another level, you need a ‘right-fit’ information system that:

  • ‘Thinks like you’ – vs standard software that you have to fit into.
  • Is flexible and scalable to adapt to business growth and changes.
  • Only requires you to enter data once – and pull it out for multiple reporting needs.
  • Guides and ‘constrains’ staff to enter data correctly to prevent errors – idiot proof.
  • Improves workflow – allowing for a more productive, effective and efficient environment.

If you want to achieve it

“To improve workflow …Understand what is going on … Talk to everyone involved.”

  • Gather together all your paperwork.
  • Assess what is being done and why.
  • Determine your pain points.
  • Model a solution that fits your workflow.
  • Design the screen layouts you need to make it work.
  • Write the appropriate computer code and build the solution.
  • Populate databases with data.
  • Cutover to new features.
  • Monitor changes and support users through transition.