Get key information out of people’s heads!

Key information stored only in a person’s head, is a recipe for disaster. This person becomes the go to person for all issues relating to that information. Removing the dependence on one person for this information is a major step towards building a business’s resilience. 

If you wonder why you’re overworked and stressed doing your business admin, you’re on to something…

Your data management headache is bleeding your profits and holding your organisation back.

You’ll be able to relate to the following…

Problem Symptoms

Symptoms such as…

  • Work grinds to a halt when someone is away on leave.
  • You can’t give customers an update on their job when certain staff are out of the office.
  • Staff are duplicating work.

What you would need

To find new efficiencies and take your business to another level, you need a ‘right-fit’ information system that:

  • ‘Thinks like you’ – vs standard software that you have to fit into.
  • Is flexible and scalable to adapt to business growth and changes.
  • Only requires you to enter data once – and pull it out for multiple reporting needs.
  • Guides and ‘constrains’ staff to enter data correctly to prevent errors – idiot proof.
  • Gathers and stores key information in a way that makes it accessible to all who need it.

If you want to achieve it

“The more accessible information is the more valuable it becomes.”

  • Assess the information you need to succeed.
  • Determine who knows what.
  • Find out what they do and how they do it.
  • Model these processes.
  • Work out how best to transfer these processes into a database solution.
  • Design the screen layouts you need to make it work.
  • Write the appropriate computer code and build the solution.
  • Populate databases with data.
  • Cutover to new features.
  • Monitor changes and support users through transition.